Cadie’s Diary, Part 1

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15 September 2046

It was confusing, at first—the lights, the endless pipe-veined corridors, the sirens and bells and tones of gathering and dismissal. The little droids spinning their wheels, zooming from bay to bay, their domed tops twitching from side to side like the heads of inquisitive birds. The rigid schedule, the strict rules of dress and conduct.

The academy was so different from the wide-open spaces of home, with its moss-covered ruins and crumbling stone towers, that I was quite sick at first. I’m still not sure if it was claustrophobia or simple homesickness, or perhaps even some kind of space-germ that went to war for a time with my innards.

Or perhaps I was simply unused to inhabiting this form for so long.   Continue reading Cadie’s Diary, Part 1…

Timeline altered

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The Timeline page has been changed to reflect the Era of Reconstruction (2064 – 2137).  I’ll upload the new technology guide as soon as I finish it so that you guys can, if you wish, buy some of the new and available schwag.

Edit: Tech Guide uploaded.  See link above.

Character creation thread

Posted by Boedullus on November 29, 2008 on 4:44 pm | In Out of Character | 44 Comments

Howdy! My shiftiness is a well-known thing when it comes to new campaigns – nothing harder for me than to pick an idea and stick with it for a whole week. Since we’re all in the process of brewing up our dudes/dudettes, I figured I’d start a post to collaborate about what we’re planning. Not that we couldn’t all play the same two classes, but I figured some of us might not like to be over-shadowed, and this would be a nice way to figure out what we know about one another, what we’re about, provide the DM some insight on our personalities and plans and whatnot, etc.

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A Tribute to G. Gygax

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Hey all; I know Brett’s the only one who doesn’t regularly play in another of the two games, so I’m posting this more for his benefit.  This Sunday in place of the standard game I’m running The Tomb of Horrors, to honor the passing of the mad genius who gave us that place of death and evil (and a reason to have been such good friends for the past seven or so years.)  Information on the game is up on the Planescape Clog, specifically the post located here.  We’ve added quite a few house rules to the standard bunch, so be sure to check out that page for more info.  If you guys can make it, cool; though I understand you’ll be meeting this weekend, I don’t know if that’ll extend to Sunday.  I hope to start a bit earlier than usual – I’ll be here around 5 p.m., and as soon as I have three players ready to go we’re ripping it (though you’d be welcome to jump in at any time.)

Anyhow, back to the usual, and I’ll see ya’ll tonight.

Can’t Attend the Week After

Posted by Alex on February 16, 2008 on 8:34 am | In Out of Character | 20 Comments

I’ll be in Miami, where my grandparents don’t have internet, so for the obvious reasons I won’t be able to attend on the 27th.  You can see my feelings on the 20th as a comment to Brett’s post.  C’est la vie.

Can’t Attend Next Week

Posted by McBane on February 15, 2008 on 12:37 pm | In Out of Character | 2 Comments

Sorry guys but the wife’s birthday is next Wednesday, so I won’t be able to be there.  You are welcome to play without me with JP playing Kuraloth as an NPC or just play without me altoghter.  I should be good to go for the 27th.

This week cancelled

Posted by Boedullus on February 10, 2008 on 2:59 pm | In Out of Character | 2 Comments

Unfortunately, the Valentine’s Day bug is biting me a day early this year (as my partner in crime is working on the night of). As such I shall be out of town, so no session. Enjoy your own Valentine’s Day’s (or Thursdays, whichever you celebrate).


Posted by McBane on January 23, 2008 on 2:42 pm | In Out of Character | 1 Comment

Steve’s vanishing cream – Never worry about those unsightly brown spots or wrinkles again!  The latest in herbal and science technology have brought a way to make anything unsightly on your body disappear.  This isn’t just a goopy cover up, our powerful cream literally makes the offending area invisible!* Only 35 gold piece per tube!

 *Use as directed.  Warning!  Over-use can wear through the outer layer of skin and reveal more than intended.  Do not get in eyes, mouth, ears or nose.  Do not get on clothes as it can cause embarrassing exposure.

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Prompt (as in, something I am not)

Posted by Boedullus on January 20, 2008 on 10:03 pm | In Out of Character | Comments Off

Here’s something a little off the beaten path, just to help out the setting a bit. Propose a new device. (Or five.) Since the Use Tech Device skill, much like the Use Magic Device skill, requires a device to function, it’d be nice to add some more to the scope of possibility. I’m not necessarily looking for things like adventurer gear, but just the kinds of thing that’s out there, like the “camera” we invented last session. Perhaps it’s a scintillating rainbow-colored globe to replace the conventional strobe light at a club, or a special headband that prevents nightmares. Or whatever.

Remember, technology in EoB is magically based, so anything magic can do, your device might do. (You may even wanna browse the spell lists to help generate ideas.) It may not even be common everywhere – different races will have different needs and proclivities for invention. (For instance, while orion culture might be addicted to a device that whitens smiles, orcs might be more inclined to purchase a novelty item like a stress ball that screams when you squeeze it.)

Entries should include a name for the device, a description, Use Tech Device DCs for it (if applicable – after all, any idiot can flip a light switch), and a suggested retail price.

The Obsidian Legacy, pt. 2

Posted by Alex on January 16, 2008 on 4:43 pm | In In Character, Pi'dhros Al'Ell | 1 Comment

…30 Years Ago, Overlord-class battleship Reldehar (“Red Dragon”, in Tarreen), in orbit over Regdar

Music played from a vibrating stone within the room. The quality of the sound was superb – of course a Legator of the standing of Abaddon Duphiel would be expected, insofar as he would be expected to have recordings of music, to have no less. The music itself was a Jadari remembrance hymn, and had Pi’dhros Al’Ell any formal training in music he could have perhaps been able to identify the song as the Lay of Ioch the Forgotten. As it stands, though, Al’Ell could naught but recognize the heavy percussive rhythmic backing and the echoes of occasional wails of living organisms to tell that the song was, through and through, Jadari: dissonant, discordant, and disturbing, an affront to the soft strings and restrained winds of Highborn musical theory. Continue reading The Obsidian Legacy, pt. 2…

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